Jax Beach Deck The Chairs

Jax Beach Deck The Chairs (JBDTC) was created to fill a void during the Beaches Winter holiday season. In 2012, Jacksonville Beach went without Christmas lights in the downtown public space. Residents and business challenged public leaders to activate the space.

Since 2013 JBDTC has experienced amazing growth and organizers remain deeply committed to the DTC mission. Watch Deck The Chairs – Celebrating Ten Seasons.

Regional and National Recognition

In 2015, People Magazine discovered JBDTC and placed us in their web article Fifty Most Unusual Holiday Traditions Across America. Following the 2015 national exposure, JBDTC regularly lands on “Top Holiday Display Lists” such as Fox News web story, Insider, Coastal Living, USA Today, and Weather Channel stories including a live interview with JBDTC exhibitor, Anne Marie Moquin, Founder, Beaches Go Green.

2021 JBDTC Views = 20,506,684+

2021 Estimated Virtual Statistics – 20,506,684+ reach through new media website users, e-newsletter distribution, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Supporting Public Arts Education and Outreach

Deck The Chairs utilizes the inspired energy of lifeguard chair decorating to spur creative story telling with our local business and non profits. We are proud of the many ways we have engaged area schools and artists in design and build. Decorating Tiny Chairs is one of the many unique tools we have developed to assist in the creative process. See 2017 Tiny Chairs Exhibit

Major Economic Benefit for Beaches

DTC fills the Jacksonville Beach downtown public park space with thousands of visitors every holiday. JBDTC is a proud tradition that residents joyfully share with family and friends visiting during the season. Our growth has been steady, averaging 15% annually based on concessions sales inside the exhibit space. Local business now depends on JBDTC to help finish their year strong. See 2018 Gator Bowl Pep Rally