Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do decorators actually build their own lifeguard chair?

A: Funny as it might sound decorators have asked us if they have to build the actual lifeguard chairs. No worries on this one. DTC coordinates with the City of Jacksonville to provide the actual chairs used during the summer on the beach.

Q: Can decorators borrow a lifeguard chair from the beach while they are planning?

A: Typically this answer is no, however, special circumstances have arisen where an extra chair is built by DTC to support a decorator planning to return multiple years to the exhibit

Q: Is the chair decorator responsible for all lights, cords and build materials in their display?

A: Yes. DTC will provide power out to the chair with a four prong adapter. We recommend LED lights and no additional motors or holiday props that will stress the electrical system.

Q: Can we buy pre fabricated holiday props and use them in our display?

A: We are asked this quite often and encourage decorators to stay with custom built elements. Sometimes a prefabricated prop or holiday machine is important to the story and DTC is willing to review.

Q: How much does it typically cost to decorate a lifeguard chair?

A: this is almost impossible to answer with a couple sentences. We have seen beautifully crafted and lighted chairs that cost less than $250. We have also seen decorated chairs that sponsors invest more than $2500 and don’t work out well. The decorated chair is a reflection of your business or non profit and should have the amount of expense and consideration deemed necessary.

Q: How long will a decorator typically spend working on their lifeguard chair?

A; Another tricky question to answer. All decorators are required to complete a design they are confident in executing. DTC supports the process by approving specs and materials. Building and lighting typically is accomplished in one to three days.

Q: Should decorators hire a skilled craftsperson to help?

A: We encourage skilled crafts persons to support our decorators during the load in process. If a decorator needs help to complete their display we can provide resources.

Q: When are we allowed to begin decorating?

A: Some decorators begin a pre-build program if they have an elaborate display. Decorators are allowed to bring constructed items to the park on first day of decorating. The standard schedule for decorating your chair during load in is 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q: Is electricity provided?

A: DTC will have electricity to all chairs on the first day of decorating

Q: Are there any other materials Provided?

A: DTC runs a small workshop from the stage with several volunteers and extra supplies. We can support decorators with tools and talent throughout the load in schedule

Q: Who maintains the exhibit and all the decorated chairs?

A: DTC volunteers are vigilant with the exhibit maintenance. We are in contact with decorators on a regular basis reporting problems we can’t fix. Weather can make thing difficult. In the past, a good rainstorm, wind or even heavy fog, has knocked the entire exhibit out for hours. We ask all our decorators to remain sensitive to the weather in order to respond when there is a good chance for some lighting and display failures.

Q: Where is Jax Beach Deck The Chairs located?

A: Seawalk Pavilion and Latham Plaza Park in Jacksonville Beach Florida.

Q: Is the event Free?

A; Yes.

Q: Is there parking close by?

A: The exhibit sits right beside a large city parking lot. There is a lot of parking within walking distance.

Q: Is Parkin Free?

A; All public lots and spaces are free but some private lots might charge a small fee.

Q: Is the exhibit handicap accessible?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there restaurants in walking distance?

A: Plenty of restaurants and bars close by.

Q: Are there food trucks at JBDTC?

A: DTC limits the number of food trucks in hopes of encouraging visitors to patronize local brick and mortar establishments.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Yes. Dogs on leashes. We discourage exotic pets

Q: Do you have concessions and merchandise?

A: Yes. Light snack food, pizza, holiday desserts, cocoa, water and coffee. Tee shirts, collectible ornaments and lighted kid toys.

A: Are concessions and merchandise available every night? What are the times?

Q: DTC volunteers work weekends and special weekday nights managing concessions from 5 p.m. til 9 p.m.