A small staff and incredible group of community volunteers power our mission and vision in amazing ways. We couldn’t accomplish any of this major exhibit responsibility without their energy, dedication and talent.

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Kurtis Loftus

Founder/Executive 716-3853

Kurtis Loftus got the idea for Deck The Chairs during a 2013 Summer morning run in Jax Beach. Reflecting back on the previous Fall/Winter season and absence of public holiday activity, he merged an outdoor art exhibit concept with the lifeguard chairs he knew carried immense community respect and tradition.

Kathy Marvin 874-7603

Deeply rooted in community with a history of small business leadership, Kathy Marvin is set apart as a true Beaches Legend. Her passion for family and neighbors plus a steadfast belief in always stepping forward and lifting up those in need have made her a friend to hundreds of people near and far. Deck The Chairs is honored to have her leading the organization and its Board.

Deck The Chairs

Board of 710-4528

Teresa Pratt |

Malcolm Marvin |

Kara Waite |

Rick Catlett |

Jan Guilbault |

Jenny McKeithen |

Cathy Thomasson |

Alexander Zimmer |

Honorary Members

Bill Hillegass, Treasure |

Margaret Loftus, Secretary |