A small group of community leaders power the DTC mission in some amazing ways.

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Kurtis Loftus

Founder/Executive 716-3853

Kurtis Loftus spent his early career as an award-winning marketing professional helping small business and non-profits grow. Kurtis has received regional and national recognition for design, advertising, illustration and publishing work.

Kurtis is passionate about north Florida and its Beaches where he has lived, worked, and raised two daughters with his wife, Margaret. He spent decades active in civic leadership roles on behalf of many community-based organizations.

 In 2013 Kurtis founded Deck The Chairs (DTC) , a non-profit whose mission is to promote children’s arts and arts education while activating public park space. The major event produced and managed by DTC features more than 50 decorated lifeguard chairs on public display throughout the holiday season.

Deck The Chairs is recognized as one of America’s most unique holiday experiences.

Additional Recognition

Jacksonville Chapter of American Institute of Graphic Design — Founding Member

American Institute of Advertising Silver Medalist (AAF’s highest honor)

JAX Chamber Beaches — Small Business Leader (2x’s)

JAX Chamber Beaches — Walter R. Murr Award (2X’s For Outstanding Service)

City of Jax Beach — Wave Maker Award (Outstanding Service as Community Leader)

National Exchange Club, Golden Deed Award

Beaches Legend Recipient

Guinness World Record, Longest Surfing Marathon   

Alex Zimmer

Meet Alex, a dynamic and resourceful Project Manager renowned for orchestrating seamless business operations, exercising financial acumen, and skillfully managing resources to drive project success. With a profound educational background, Alex holds a Master of Information System complemented by a Graduate Information System Management Certification. Additionally, Alex possesses a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Project Management. This unique blend of qualifications empowers Alex to approach projects with a holistic viewpoint, seamlessly integrating technical proficiency with strategic managerial insight.

Before assuming a pivotal role on the board, Alex dedicated time to volunteer with Deck The Chairs, contributing to event installations and various tasks. His passion for the event and commitment to the mission propelled Alex to join the Deck The Chairs board in 2022, where he serves as the Technologies Chair.

Rooted in Jacksonville, Alex embraces the advantages of remote work while savoring precious moments with his cherished family beyond work and board responsibilities. As a devoted spouse and dedicated parent to two lively children, Alex finds fulfillment in the joy and challenges that parenting brings, keeping him on his toes and adding a vibrant dimension to his life. With a commitment to excellence in both professional and personal spheres, Alex is not just a Project Manager but a multifaceted individual who brings passion, dedication, and a wealth of experience to every endeavor.

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Deck The Chairs

Board of 710-4528

Robyn Wesley | Vice President, Merchandise Chair

Sarah Longenecker | Programming Chair

Hannah Hackworth | Fundraising Chair

Joseph McKenzie | Education Chair

Tiffany Gonzalez | Student Exhibit Chair

Larry Griffin | Exhibit Management

Paige Jones | Programming Co-Chair

Kara Scremin | Volunteer Chair, Marketing Co-Chair

Honorary Members

Bill Hillegass, Treasure |

Margaret Loftus, Secretary |

Cathy Thomasson | Student Exhibit Director