Deck Your Chair Challenge

Take Something Ordinary and Make it Extraordinary

You Could Be A Winner!

Deck Your Chair Challenge is a fun design/build fundraiser in the tradition of the lifeguard chair decorating event. The objective is to promote inspired thinking, and encourage the “maker” process. The goal is to showcase creativity and share examples of extraordinary art produced through reimagining basic household and/or workplace chairs.

Learn more about the Deck Your Chair Challenge and see how Kurtis creates a “Scorpion” from an everyday chair.


To take the Challenge, complete the form below and pay the entry fee by 4/26/19. Once the entry fee is received, a link to upload photos and/or video will be sent to you. There will be one winner in each division. Winners will be announced on May 8, 2019 at A Chair Affair. Contest runs March 1 to May 1, 2019.

Enter in one of three divisions:

  • Student (12-18) – $25 entry fee WIN $400
  • Amateur – $35 entry fee WIN $600
  • Professional – $50 entry fee WIN $1,000

Submission Requirements:

  • Artist must share project name, statement of purpose, and what made the project enjoyable
  • Two photos of chair (front and profile) before construction
  • Two photos of chair (front and profile) after construction
  • 30 second video (optional)

Entry Form:

Entry Fees (link to upload photos and/or video sent after payment received):


Top 10 Design/Build Recommendations

  • Start ASAP
  • Find a cool chair and get permission to permanently transform
  • Brainstorm — use whatever inspires you to develop possible designs
  • Freehand sketch or use computer and design software to execute ideas
  • Original concepts only
  • Use found objects and materials that are readily available
  • Construct in a manner that maintains free-standing attributes
  • Concept, design, and craftsmanship are equally important
  • Students can have assistance handling tools and materials
  • Have fun!