Jaguars Game Tickets

JBDTC Ticket Fundraiser

Jaguars vs Redskins • 12/16/18              1:00 PM • TIAA Bank Field

Don’t miss the last regular season home game of the Jacksonville Jaguars and support one of the most popular free holiday experiences in North Florida. Jaguars -vs- Redskins, Sunday, December 16 at 1 p.m. JBDTC will host a free tailgate party at T.I.A.A. Stadium and, after the game, join us at the Beaches Sneakers for a victory celebration. The JBDTC Light Show kicks off at 6 p.m. at the Seawalk Pavilion. This is a special final home game chance to cheer on our Jags and support a great non profit that promotes community and lifts the Volunteer Life Saving Corps.

To purchase your tickets, call 904-247-9570 or email

Available Tickets • Upper Deck • $40 each 

Section 412 — Row AA, Seat 30-38 • Row GG, Seat 7-38

Section 414 — Row T, Seat 7-35 • Row V, Seat 5-32 • Row Y, Seat 1-38 • Row BB, Seat 1-6

Section 415 — Row J, Seat 26-36 • Row K, Seat 1-36 • Row M, Seat 7-31 • Row R, Seat 1-38

Row S, Seat 33-38 • Row U, Seat 1-29 • Row Y, Seats 1-38