Design / Build

Call for Designers & Builders


Jacksonville Beach Deck The Chairs 2018

Date and Location

November 23, 2018 – January 1, 2019
Latham Plaza and Sea Walk Pavilion, Jacksonville Beach, Florida


Guidelines for chair design will follow a primary objective of promoting what is “Uniquely Beaches,” reflect a holiday theme, and may incorporate significant symbols. There will be four design/build meetings held prior to build weekend for questions and direction. Preliminary designs must be submitted for review and approval. 

Work Materials

Approved materials include wood, plastics, PVC, vinyl, metal fittings, chicken wire, clamps, wood screws and lights. Limited use of pre-made decorations will be accepted but require review. Chairs must not be modified or damaged in such a way that they will be deemed unusable following the event. Sponsors are encouraged to build as much of the display as possible prior to construction weekend. Storage will be available in the Pavilion stage area.

Work Size

Chair designs will exist within a 15-ft by 15-ft area and cannot exceed 12-ft in height.

Download chair design template  Chair-Template.pdf

Preliminary Schedule*

August 15 – Design/Build Meeting; Design Submissions
September 19, October 17 & November 14 –  Design/Build Meetings
November 23-25 – Construction Latham Plaza/Seawalk Pavilion
December 9 – Awards Ceremony

*Some dates subject to change.


Artist will be selected by or paired up with Chair Sponsor. Artist will present design concepts to Design Committee for review and approval. Artist will abide by all schedules, materials and decorations guidelines. Artist will meet with Chair Sponsor as needed to complete project.


Kurtis Loftus 904.716.3853