Tiny Chairs Decorating Contest

Create Magic In The Chair

Tiny Chair Decorating Contest is a design challenge using miniature replica lifeguard chairs (approx. 12-inches). The contest engages artists and art programs in North Florida. During April and May 2017, Deck The Chairs will guide artists through Tiny Chair decorating. In June, the Tiny Chairs are submitted for judging and and display at Christmas In July. The top three designs split $1,000 in prize money, and will be built in full-scale by DTC install team for public display at 2017 Jax Beach Deck The Chairs.

DTC Executive Director Kurtis Loftus discusses the Tiny Chairs Decorating Contest on BUZZ TV.


To learn more contact Kurtis Loftus at 904-716-3853 or kurtis@deckthechairs.org.


Join An Innovative Creative Project For A Good Cause

1. Brainstorm:  Tiny Chair Decorators spend two weeks in brainstorming and idea development

2. Research & Plan: After review of preliminary ideas Tiny Chair Decorators research and plan best methods to develop ideas.

3. Teamwork:  The decorating process is time consuming. Teamwork is imporatant and assigning responsibilities will be necessary for successful project completion.

4. Decorate:  Individuals and teams have six weeks to decorate their Tiny Chair. An artist statement that supports creative work will be required with submission.


To download the artist agreement and Tiny Chair decorating template, click here